Latest Abortions Beyond 24 Weeks

What is the latest abortion you can get in Florida? What is the abortion limit in Florida? We are able to provide elective abortions to viability, which is generally considered to be 24 weeks.

When is it too late to get an abortion in Florida? It is generally too late to get an abortion in Florida past 24 weeks. However, under very special circumstances, it is sometimes possible to receive a very late abortion even beyond the 24 week abortion limit. These late 2nd trimester abortions and even 3rd trimester abortions are only permitted in certain circumstances.

If you are interested in a very late term abortion beyond 24 weeks, then please call us. In some circumstances, we may be able to help you, and if not, then we can refer you to late term abortion providers who perform abortions up to 36 weeks.

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